Monday 27 March 2017

Know How To Keep Your Wedding Day Celebration Simple Yet Perfect

A large wedding can be made simpler for the couple that does not like to get tied down with work and management instead of enjoying their big day. It is fairly tiresome to stick to all the traditions and obligations of a big wedding; therefore there are few points to keep the wedding simple yet stress-free.

 • Keeping the guest list small: Noting down and short listing guests according to priority, and keeping the guest list fairly small can lead to a successful and fun marriage.

 • keep the menu simple and catered: By keeping the menu short and precise and having an outsourced caterer can help neglect the biggest task of overlooking the food and beverage production and service.

 • Compiling the wedding and the reception: Fusing the wedding and the reception will lead to cutting costs of the venue and also lead to less stress on moving from one place to the other along with decorations and caterers.

 • Hiring an event manager: Hiring event managers to coordinate with guests, lodging, pickups, drops etc. would help in less work pressure on the couples end.

 • Have simple decorations: By keeping the decorations to simple flowers and few candles along with a minimum food spread will result in fewer expenses and little trouble.

By selecting a venue like wedding resorts in Goa will help to eliminate a lot of costs providing all the supplies and cooperation required for a successful wedding which most resorts in Goa near the beach do.

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