Monday 20 March 2017

Beauty Treatments For A Couple To Look Flawless On Wedding Day

Wedding planning is very stressful and involved a lot of work and planning in order to make it a grand, successful. The brides and grooms get too involved with the organizing each and everything from the venue to decoration, food menu to wedding dress etc. and forget to focus on themselves. Makeup can do no wonder, you both need flawless and clear skin to look stunning on your wedding day. The services couple should start taking before six months of the wedding includes:

 1. Get facials
Facials are very important to clean facial impurities such as blackheads, dark circles, pimples, and spots etc. Regular facials also help to keep your skin wrinkle-free and young. So it is advised that a couple should start taking facials as early as possible. Choose the best spa in South Goa to get exotic facial before your wedding day.

2. Get Full body scrub
Scrub helps to remove dead skin and make your face and body more glowing. If you want to look like a Bollywood star in your wedding event, start taking monthly full body scrub service from today.

3. Get full body massage
Wedding functions are long and tiring, so to enjoy all the function to its fullest, you can try full body massage. It is the best way to relax muscles and relieve tiredness and for the wedding couple, it is a must. Many luxury resorts in South Goa offer different spa services. Choose the one which suits you.

4. Get manicure and pedicure
After the engagement, everyone wants to see your engagement ring. But only buying an expensive ring is not enough for it. Get a manicure every month to make your hands look beautiful. And also go for a pedicure to have beautiful feet. Stay regular to all these treatments and look stunning on your wedding day. Except this, you can also hair spa treatment for beautiful hair.

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